Welcome! I am so excited to announce I am now certified to read the Akashic Records. Currently, I am offering free 30 minute sessions this month (October 2019). I am so excited to share this with you!

The readings often lead to growth, empowerment, transformation & healing. The readings show us that nothing can extinguish our Light. The insight of the messages that come through are affirmative & incredibly unique to each individual.

Below you will find additional information that may be helpful to you. Please reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to meeting you if I have not already!!

A few things to know before your reading:

*Your questions support the reading to be focused so information flows smoothly. Please prepare a few questions in advance. You do not need to send me the questions in advance! We can explore them while your records are open. Your voice activates the reading.

*How, What & Why questions are best. A few example starter questions are listed below.

How might I improve….
What are the next best steps for me to take regarding…
Why am I experiencing…

Specific questions often yield more specific messages. If the question is wide & general, the responses often match that.

*The 30 minute free readings do not come with a recording however you are welcome to record the call.

*Readings are 100% confidential.

A very brief description of the Akashic Records:

Akasha is all that is. It is the primary substance from which everything originates. The Akashic Records are a soul level dimension of consciousness. They contain a vibrational record of every soul & its journey. An Akashic Approach is actively seeking wholeness, wellness & goodness. - Copyright Dr. Linda Howe


Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful reading! As I continue to quietly, gently reflect on the reading, I feel strongly compelled to tell you how PERFECTLY well the words resonated with me and presented imagery and messages that I intuitively knew to be true or had even recently seen/experienced on some level and then knew to be meant for me deep in my being. I am deeply grateful and awed by the timing and significance of everything you relayed to me. ~ Bryna Z.

I love getting spiritual guidance and I have had several different readings over the years but never an Akashic Record reading. During my reading with Leigh, clarity and compassion came through and immediately I was crying because I felt so supported, and everything truly resonated. A lot of what came through echoed what I have already been working on, which was lovely, and I took it as a confirmation that I'm on the right track.

All the insights about parenting have helped me relax more with my son. I'm already feeling better in my care taking as I keep thinking about this. I also feel more connected to my husband, and shared a lot of what we spoke about with him which brought us closer.

Some of the messages validated me to my core! I am still riding that high of feeling so validated and seen, in ways that I'm finding challenging to put into words!! Utterly grateful. It was so profound. It has helped to me relax.

Thank you again!! I'm so excited you are sharing your talents. I'm very grateful!! ~ Laura B.