When I first connected with Leigh about possibly working together I knew I had found a kindred spirit.

I first approached her because of her ability to communicate the nuance and beauty of intimacy through her own creative work.

It wasn’t until we spoke over the phone that I realized I had been really searching for a collaboration with someone I could trust with my creative vision and who cared as deeply as I did about the delicate nature of the human soul and how this is captured through the visual image.

I found this to be utterly fascinating and remarkable about Leigh’s work. Every project we did went way beyond my expectations. 

It was the first time I felt I could reveal the most intimate parts of myself and communicate to someone the desire for my work to be expressed through a visual narrative. Leigh was able to make the translation.

Her respect and commitment to her craft of capturing the essence of those she works with is truly unparalleled.

I felt cared for, deeply understood and welcome to stand out in the light of my most vulnerable truths with Leigh.

Leigh was able to communicate the parts of my creative vision in a photographic way that was alchemical. She was able to take the essence of what I felt and desired, something more ephemeral, and turn it into something beautiful and real.

As a result, six years after our initial work together, the photographs and projects continue to receive constant attention and praise.

To be held and seen with care in this way is a true gift.

I would recommend anyone who is seeking something more, something deeper than the surface, to give themselves the honor of working with Leigh.


I not only felt totally comfortable working with Leigh, but I felt MORE OF MY TRUE SELF. She bought out the best, most beautiful aspects of me, both internally and externally. Every time I've worked with Leigh has been an empowering and healing experience. The intention of my business is to help people create more space for what they love... in their lives, their bodies, their homes and hearts. The images I received from Leigh were beautiful, spacious, simple and powerful - exactly what I wanted to portray in my business. Leigh's images gave me the personal and professional nudge I needed to feel more confident and comfortable with being seen in my business for the gifts I share and the services I provide. Leigh’s sensitivity, empathy, professionalism and sense of style are superb. Now as a mother, I look back on the images Leigh shot of me... as a young, single woman and later as a pregnant partner and they bring back a flood of emotions and memories that are priceless to me. I can FEEL myself before I was a mother and that feeling is beautiful and bittersweet. Thank you Leigh for capturing my journey! -Kristin

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Being photographed can be a vulnerable experience, at least it is for me, and Leigh’s attuned presence and creative eye helps ease me into being myself. I have hired Leigh more than once to capture who I am and what I do in photographs for my website, social media, and marketing materials. On a number of occasions, I am told that the photographs are beautiful, natural and inviting. I highly recommend Leigh Aschoff for your photography needs especially if you also want to hire a thoughtful, conscientious and reliable person. ~Angela R. Wurtzel, MA, MFT, CEDS-S


Working with Leigh could not have felt more natural. I have never enjoyed being photographed and my experience with her exceeded all expectations. I felt comfortable, she made adjustments to me in a confident, respectful way and beautifully captured a very important time in my life. It is clear from Leigh's process and results that she has a vision. She knows how to bring a subject and environment together in an interesting, individualistic way. ~ Anne

When my wife surprised me with maternity photos, I was surprised by this out of character move.  I was surprised again when I looked at the photos themselves and found that they captured my wife's true beauty.  The lighting, location, pose; everything did justice to what my wife means to me and what that space in time meant to our growing family. ~ Aaron